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Boxwell Web Design

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Boxwell Web Design is a Newcastle based web design company that provides you with support in all of your online activity.

We design affordable, stylish websites that fit with your company's branding. Your site will be optimised to give high visibility in search engine rankings, giving you more opportunity to reach your market.

Combine this with a social web presence on sites such as Twitter and Facebook to give your online marketing increased impact.

Our Services

Image 1 Website Design High quality web design at a fantastic price. Optimised to get the best possible search engine ranking.
Image 2 E-commerce Websites Online shopping sites helping you to get your products to the market.

Image 3 Social Web Presence Complement your online marketing strategy with tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

Image 4 Website Hosting We can host your site for you, offering unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited number of email addresses.

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