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“I am about as technical as a tomato and the idea of building a website was very daunting to say the least! However, Graeme has led me by the hand all the way, quickly picking up on what I would like and making clever suggestions …and all in basic ‘ tomato ‘ speak! I am really delighted with the website Graeme has built for me – clean, slick and captures exactly the feel of the work that I deliver.”
Susie Tate,
“As well as designing our great looking website, Graeme from Boxwell Web Design has been integral in the growth of our social media. Our Facebook page has grown by over 10 times since Graeme became involved and we are now seeing the impact of this in new customers in the restaurant. Equally important to me is the close relationship we have built up while working together. I feel Graeme is another member of the Diwan E Am team and I highly recommend working with him.”
Nahil Raja,
“Starting up my Face Painting business in December 2009 was a huge step for me, complicated by things I knew very little about, including paying for a website. Graeme from Boxwell Web Design led me through the steps with ease and explained every step of the way what was required – from setting up the domain name to website design and from font sizes to photographs.Graeme helped me with the wording on the site and designed the logo, which I wanted to appeal to both boys and girls. I also included the logo on my business cards and am shortly to get the logo printed onto a tabard to wear whilst face painting. He also helped me compile a list of key words so that my website results well from a ‘Google’ search. I regularly receive email enquiries through the site. All in all, the end result is a very professional looking website of which I am very proud.”
Graeme has been with CAVAT from the start involved in every aspect where I.T has been required in setting up a business and developing it. He has been involved in advising of the purchase of hardware and software, setting up of e mails, designing and maintaining of the website and VLE,  to name a few. Graeme’s knowledge is vast but in dealing with his customers he communicates and provides explanation at a level that enables me to make informed choices. He is focused on understanding the customers specific needs and providing the highest quality for the best price possible. Graeme keeps himself up to date with developments within technology. Graemes customer service is exceptional. He is very responsive and has such a vast support network that he can source a range of information to ensure the most effective solution is always found.
Margot, CAVAT
Whenever I’ve been involved with generating a new website in the past I’ve always been fortunate enough to have a member of the team liaise with the website ‘magicians’ – I remained wholly oblivious as to how this, what I call ‘magic’ occurred. So when it came to needing to set one up for my own arts development company, needless to say I felt somewhat daunted and overwhelmed. I approached Graeme with a strong idea of what colours I wanted to use, what messages I wanted to get across and a rough outline of content areas. However I had no idea that certain ‘magic’ was possible such as aligning the website to Facebook and twitter. Graeme led me through the process in a way that made sense to me – not an easy task when it comes to things technical or ‘magical’ – opening my eyes to possibilities and gently suggesting how we might pull things together and make improvements. I’m delighted with our website which, appropriate to our company, remains a work in progress to be updated as we grow and develop. I found working with Graeme so insightful and productive that I invited him to join our board of directors – he’s now a hugely valued member of team Dilly Arts.
Alison, Dilly Arts