Bad Press Ink website design

Bad Press Ink

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Bad Press Ink over the last year or so. Bad Press Ink  are an independent publishing house promoting writers with an alternative edge to them. I was first approached to carry out some work for Bad Press by the very interesting character Lord Zion, who was a rock star in the glam rock band Spit Like This. His autobiography has been published through Bad Press Ink. Subsequently I have been working with Iain who has four novels available through the website (or amazon).

If you are a budding novelist, have a look at their site to see if your book would fit with their output.

Live and How to Live It

They are a great bunch to work with and our latest project is the website for “Life and how to live it“. These were satirical cartoons that were published in Sounds magazine in the 80s. Superb artwork complimenting acerbic commentary. The site will be launched in the next week or two and I’ll create another blog post announcing it’s launch with relevant links.

Life and How to Live It - Baby