Email Accounts

Email is by far the most common form of communication in the business world. Boxwell Web Design will supply an unlimited number of email accounts to suit your business needs. The account will have no space restrictions so you can communicate as you need to with no hidden charges.

We can help you to:

  • add your email accounts to all your mobile devices
  • add your accounts to an email client such as Microsoft Outlook
  • set up auto-responders, or email forwarders to collect all the emails your receive into one account

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

We can also help you set up a mailing list, and use this to send targeted, designed emails to your customers while providing excellent statistical reporting.

  • Subscriber insights, including profiles.
  • Personalization and automation – target particular segments of your mailing list for increased personalisation
  • Send time optimisation – based on previous campaigns we can advise on the best time to schedule a marketing email
  • Advanced analytics
  • Responsive email design, allowing any device to interact with your communications