Project Description

websiteDilly Arts commissioned Boxwell Web Design to create a website for it Beyond the Borders project. It is a creative “Arts in Prisons” project that explores the history of the Border Reivers in Hexham Gaol through the eyes of present-day prisoners. Beyond the Borders is a permanent digital installation at Hexham Gaol, which features three hand held, digital Time Windows, that look through the prison walls and travel back through time. Each Time Window reveals the personal histories of former inmates, captured and held in Hexham Gaol over three hundred years ago.

Project Brief

Boxwell Web Design was required  to compliment the animation work from Arcus Studio, and create a Moodle learning environment where students can take part in interactive learning activities. Study guides were created and printed, to be distributed to visiting school classes. Consistent branding was to follow the website through to the print materials.