Project Description

Isary Shopping Pages

Isary Homeware and Gifts is an online shop selling a variety of homeware items. The site incorporates the stripe payment gateway. We worked with Isary to get the style they were looking for, uploading the initial stock, setting up shipping zones and much more. This was the first online shop that the staff at Isary has been involved with. eCommerce is always more complex than a basic site, but we were able to use our expertise at Boxwell Web Design to help support the staff through the process.

Margot from Isary said, “Boxwell Design have built me a website for my new business venture. I am a complete novice and so didn’t really know what I wanted other than a website with a shop. Graeme supported me from the off in helping me think about the design that might be most suitable. Even at this point I didn’t really understand the concepts he was trying to explain so I looked at websites of similar businesses and shared these with Graeme. On now viewing the final product, he has captured the look I had in my head but couldn’t really articulate. From this point Graeme has guided me through each decision. He is very clear in his communication in explaining things in a way that make sense to someone who is not technical at all. Nothing has been a trouble and no question has been dismissed or considered “silly.” He has provided me with comprehensive training in how to upload products and has displayed great patience with me as this has been a completely new learning process for me. He has reassured me constantly of giving it a go and not being frightened of making mistakes. As the website has developed and I have been able to visualise it, I have asked questions about tweaks. He has accommodated all my requests and has invested time even in the smallest of detail. He has kept me updated on progress constantly and has done a lot of technical things to enhance the ranking of the website and the speed and efficiency at which it runs once live. There is a saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” so there are things that Graeme has done that I would never have known needed doing or that he has done above and beyond to enhance the efficiency of the website as an extra which I am so grateful for. He is so committed to ensure the website is the best for me and my customers and to be able to trust your web designer to do the unknown has been greatly important to me . In doing such things he has been very focussed on my customers, sometimes thinking of things I hadn’t thought of. He has be mindful of their shopping experience from start to finish in the web build and has ensured it is as seamless and accessible as possible. Graeme is involved in a great network of expertise so if we have ever stumbled across an issue that he wasn’t sure about he knew exactly where to go to find the answers and he always reassured me that no problem was insurmountable. I appreciate Graeme’s friendly and approachable demeanour and never making me feel excluded from any of the process due to my lack of technical understanding. I have felt involved constantly and feel I have real ownership over my website. I am excited for my website to go live and could not be happier with the final product.”