Project Description

Dilly Arts is an arts development not-for-profit company established in 2011 by Alison Redshaw and based in the small North Pennine rural village of Allendale in Northumberland. They work across the North-East of England. Dilly Arts specialises in devising, delivering and managing high quality arts development programmes across  North-East England communities. They excel in innovative arts practice which provides opportunity for artists to work on challenging and exciting projects which contribute to their professional development, whilst working with communities most in need and ‘hard to reach’. This includes, but is not restricted to their portfolio of work within North East Prisons (HMPs) and Youth Offending Institutions (HMYOIs).

Project Brief

Alison was looking for a site that was colourful and light. Within the Dilly Arts website there are integrated project blogs, facebook news streams, twitter user and hashtag streams, as well as everything else you would expect to find in a site with such a diverse portfolio.


Whenever I’ve been involved with generating a new website in the past I’ve always been fortunate enough to have a member of the team liaise with the website ‘magicians’ – I remained wholly oblivious as to how this, what I call ‘magic’ occurred. So when it came to needing to set one up for my own arts development company, needless to say I felt somewhat daunted and overwhelmed. I approached Graeme with a strong idea of what colours I wanted to use, what messages I wanted to get across and a rough outline of content areas. However I had no idea that certain ‘magic’ was possible such as aligning the website to Facebook and twitter. Graeme led me through the process in a way that made sense to me – not an easy task when it comes to things technical or ‘magical’ – opening my eyes to possibilities and gently suggesting how we might pull things together and make improvements. I’m delighted with our website which, appropriate to our company, remains a work in progress to be updated as we grow and develop. I found working with Graeme so insightful and productive that I invited him to join our board of directors – he’s now a hugely valued member of team Dilly Arts.
Alison Redshaw, Dilly Arts