So you’ve launched your website, and are looking to build up the traffic to it. Here are five simple tips I have learned put in layman’s terms so any business owner will find useful.

1. Write a blog, then share content to drive traffic

Blog posts can serve several purposes, and all help with your ranking. When you blog you are updating the content on your site, therefore seen as an active site. Using share buttons on your site (this is key), share your content to social media which will drive traffic to your site, and will create inbound links, especially if other people continue to share your post. These inbound links help your ranking. You can also use the blog in an informal way, that can help your customers identify with the character of the business.

2. Use Google Analytics to improve your keywords

I’ve found a great page that shows you how to become an analytics guru, to help you ensure you are targeting the correct keywords. Setup a dashboard that will email a regular report. Link your google analytics account to google search console to enable you to analyse the keywords you are reaching.

3. Register on free directories

Inbounds links that point to your website are. Good for increasing your ranking, and the more ”authority’ the sites hosting the links have, the greater benefit for your SEO. By registering on these directories, you will receive traffic, but t will also gain links from a credible site . The main one is Google Business. You should also register on general sites such as Yelp, Scoot, etc. There may be specific sites that help your business depending on the trade .E,g. TripAdvisor, Checkatrade, etc.

4. Be patient, especially when it’s a new site

New sites will take some time and effort to build ranking. Expect low traffic initially and plan for this, and do not stop working on your internet marketing.

5. Optimise your website

Maximise your titles and URLs using your targeted keywords. If you are using WordPress, use a plugin like Yoast to help you maximise your SEO. Optimise images with alt tags. Improve your site speed and make sure it works well on mobile devices.

This list could be a lot longer, but I have tried to summarise what I think are the key items new businesses can focus on to improve their ranking and get more traffic through their site. If you would like any support with this, please get in touch.